With over 20 years in the event production and scenic industry our founder strived to find the perfect solution of scenic and light box materials that are not only visually appealing and strong, but are easy to set up and remove, time and time again. Thus The VF Co. was created to offer high quality durable frames, light boxes and high res Dye sub prints at an affordable price.

What makes The VF Co. different is our extrusions are interchangeable across our entire product line allowing our customers to combine and re-use products in various configurations, optimizing the use of existing stock for every new event that will require a different format. 

The VF Co. modular light boxes are fitted with latest high power LED technology from the back panel and outfitted with special back-lit fabrics which showcase images true to your designers color specifications. Each light box is hand crafted and tested prior to being shipped ensuring that when it is received it is ready to be assembled quickly.